Holiday Highlights

Happy New Year, sweet friends!  I hope you all had an amazing holiday, filled with rest, fun, and merriment.  We are back to our regular routines today, and although a part of me wishes vacation could continue forever, I do also enjoy settling back into a routine and more disciplined habits.  I thought I’d give you a peek into how our holidays went, and what we were up to while the blog was quiet.

Of course, we enjoyed lots of family time.  Nick and I spent Christmas Eve with his parents, and then Christmas day we all visited relatives and had a fantastic day and Christmas dinner!  It was really lovely!  We also visited with my parents, and got to catch up and see lots of pictures, so that was wonderful!

We adorned our walls at home with this cute little DIY Christmas card garland to display all the sweet cards we received – I really like that we made little tape snowflakes, so cute!

While I’m not one to talk about shopping or gift “hauls”, I thought I would show you a few of the wonderful gifts we were blessed with.

These adorable throw pillows that bring a smile to my face everyday.

This gorgeous set of linens in a beautiful neutral palette and delicate pattern (seen here with the throws!)

Books!  I love Twilight, so Nick gifting me the set of novels was so sweet, and also some awesome books on faith and thinking that I’m excited to dive into.

A sweet upgraded K-cup carousel for the kitchen.

This sleek stainless steel garbage can – yes, a garbage can, but I’m super excited about it, and it has a foot pedal!

We also had some fun around the city too.  For a fun and active date, we checked out Skyzone and jumped around on trampolines – so fun!  I’m sure this will be something we do again, and it was quite the workout too!

New Year’s Eve we opted for going out, but keeping it low key – we went to The Fox right here in our neighbourhood for a great dinner and midnight celebration, as well as had some delicious bubbly at home.

On a beautiful sunny day, we hopped out to the waterfront for ice skating with an unbeatable view – this was a classic winter date, complete with hot chocolate 🙂

And as an unexpected treat, we found candy cane ice cream while grocery shopping!  This stuff is so tasty, and hard to find, so we definitely picked some up.

It was exactly what we both needed, a beautiful relaxing and sweet way to end the year, and open the chapter of 2015 with a renewed energy.  Slowly we’ll take down the decorations, and fresh greens have taken the place of baked sweets, but I’m going to try and keep the magic of the holidays alive well into the new year – that joy, that hope, that wonder, it never goes out of style.

Welcome back, dear friends, and let’s make 2015 the best year yet!


One response to “Holiday Highlights

  1. Hi Delia! We got your beautiful Christmas card. Thank you so much. I didn’t have your address to reciprocate, but now have it from your return on the envelope. I thought I’d get in touch with you this way to wish you and Nick a wonderful new year! I will try you on linkedin also to see what you’ve been up to since we worked together!

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