Pomegranates – Deliciously Seasonal

All right kids, time to get out your pom poms!

I’m talking, of course, about pomegranates.  Have you tried fresh pomegranates yet?  For a while now, we’ve all been hearing about the amazing benefits of pomegranate juice – antioxidants, etc etc etc…. but they’re also amazingly delicious!

While I love some pomegranate juice, what I love even more is eating the arils fresh.  The flavour is awesome, almost a perfect blend of sweet and tart, and so juicy!  The fresh arils burst in your mouth, and look so pretty, like little rubies!  My favourite way to enjoy them right now is sprinkled with just a few white chocolate chips on top – this turns a simple serving of fruit into a dessert treat.

But of course, the issue often is how do we get to the edible part of the fruit easily, and ideally without staining our hands.  So today I’ll explain exactly how I quickly and easily cut up a pomegranate.  Here’s what I do.

  1. Fill a large mixing bowl with enough water to cover the pomegranate.
  2. Submerge the fruit into the bowl, and chop in half carefully.
  3. Halve the fruit again holding it in the water, so that you now have quarters.
  4. Take out the quartered pomegranate and set close by.
  5. Put one quarter of the pomegranate into the bowl of water, and using your hands, gently coax or roll out the arils into the bowl, separating them from the pith.  Repeat with each quarter individually.
  6. The arils will sink, while the pith will float.  Skim the pith from the water’s surface (I use a small sifter for this), and discard the pith and rinds.
  7. Empty the bowl into a colander, and you will be left with delicious arils that you can eat!

How do you serve pomegranates?  Any fun recipes, or any other great tips for cutting them up?  I’d love to know!



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