Elsa Inspired Makeup for the Real World

Today, I’m here to talk makeup.  Specifically, an easy makeup look inspired by everyone’s favourite Snow Queen – Elsa!  I really like this look for a few reasons.  It’s very quick and easy, so perfect for a busy morning, but still has a nice dose of colour, for the days when you might not want to use all neutrals.  Being January, it’s a nice refreshing palette after all the red and green, and let’s face it – Toronto has frozen over like Arendelle this week, so at least it matches the weather!  

Here’s how I put this all together:

  1. Foundation, concealer, and setting powder as normal (I’m currently using NYX BB Cream in Nude, Rimmel’s Hide the Blemish in Neutralizer, and CoverFX’s SettingFX powder for light skin tones).
  2. Gently swirl a rosy, almost candy pink blush onto cheekbones (my pick here – Artistry Cheek Colour in Pink Passion).
  3. Eyes – this is the most intricate step, but still simple.  Use a white or pearly shade to highlight the brow bone and inner corner of your eyes, followed by a light nude shade on the rest of the eyelid above the crease.  Then use a pastel pink shade right on the crease.  Apply a rich blue from the lashline to just below the crease.  Blend the colours gently into a seamless look.  (Colours used here in order of application – Artistry Eye Colour in Starry Night, Bone, Charm, and Capri).  Apply 1 or 2 generous coats of mascara to upper lashes (here, I used Artistry’s Signature Eyes Volume Mascara).
  4. For lips, choose a soft pink lipstick or gloss.  Here I’ve used a custom blended pink lipstick, and Artistry’s Light Up Lip Gloss in Glitz.

And that’s it!  I would suggest wearing icy hues of clothing as well.  This was a look I did for our ice skating date, so I wore an almost Tiffany-blue sweater, a shade that’s actually pretty close to Elsa’s dress.  Of course white and black would work well with this look, as would a cool pink or even purple!

What sorts of fun makeup looks have you been creating?  Do you like to vary your colours with the seasons, or opt for a similar palette year-round?


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