On New Beginnings & Resolutions

So, here we are, almost halfway through the first month of the year.  How are you doing?  Already sick of this winter and ready for some warm weather?  (I am frantically waving YES to that)  Still keeping on track with New Year’s Resolutions?  If you have, congrats!  It takes about 21 days to make or break a habit, so you’re in the home stretch now.  If you’ve fallen off, just start up again, no one’s keeping tabs on you 🙂

Even though I’m no fan of winter, I do love the renewal that this time of year brings.  New hopes, new dreams, a fresh start.  And don’t we all need that, as we move through the seasons in our life?  I remember when I never understood seasons in life, thinking to myself wouldn’t it be better if we could just get everything we need together, and then that would be it?  But alas, I was much younger, and much less wise (not that I’m really that wise now, but still) when I thought that.  I’ve realized recently just how true the concept of seasons rings in our life – not just what happens in the weather, but how we as individuals and groups have times of emergence, growth, maturity, decline, rest, and renewal.

With that in mind, here we are.  What will this year bring for you?  What will you bloom into?  And perhaps more importantly, what will this year unveil within you?  I believe that within all of us there are seeds and glimmers of greatness, but we have to tend to them, or else they are lost.

I have many goals for this year.  I do enjoy setting big goals and big dreams.  Some, predictably, are in the areas of wellness, money, organization.  Some are more related to my inner growth and nurturing, such as prayer, reading, and creative outlets.  Although I currently don’t really buy into setting a word for the year, I do like to choose themes.

For 2015, my themes are Beauty and Refinement.  When I was a little girl, I had a natural tendency to find beauty everywhere – around me as I was walking, in a story, in a song – and since I was so delighted by all this beauty, I also wanted to spread beauty wherever I could – whether putting together pretty outfits, decorating a room or a cake, or writing poems.  Over time, I’ve quieted that ability of mine, and this year I want to nurture it again.  To find and see the beauty all around me, and to spread and reflect beauty everywhere I can, that is what I mean by the theme of Beauty.

For Refinement, I find myself longing for a simplifying, an optimizing, almost a cleansing within my life.  I want to not only acquire good habits, but let go of those no longer serving me.  I want to strive for quality, and for choosing things that make me fully happy, not “it’s okay, but it would be nicer if….”.  With both of these themes, my intention is to go beyond my external interactions, but also within myself – to nurture and further reveal the beauty that I have been given, and to allow refinement to take place within myself, becoming a purer, more whole version of myself.

Where are you at this year, dear friends?  What is resonating within you?

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One response to “On New Beginnings & Resolutions

  1. The seasons thing is so interesting. Also, the refinement goal, well…. it is pretty refined, what else can I say, haha. Good luck to you 🙂

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