Freezer Friendly Breakfast Burritos

Happy Friday, sweet friends!  Here we are, halfway through January, embarking on the weekend, today is a good day!  And speaking of good days, one of the best ways to start a good day is with a good breakfast.  Today, I’ll be sharing one of the best ways I minimize the morning rush on weekdays – make-ahead freezer friendly breakfast burritos.

I cook these up in batches, and will tell you exactly how I do it.

Freezer Friendly Breakfast Burritos (makes 12)


  • 12 tortilla wraps (I’ve used both 6” and 10”, both work decently well)
  • 12 breakfast sausages
  • 12 strips bacon
  • 12 eggs
  • milk
  • salt & pepper
  • seasonings of choice (minced onion, garlic powder, cayenne, chili powder, taco seasoning, Greek seasoning blend)


  1. Cook the bacon – I cook it in the oven.  Place on baking sheets lined with parchment paper in a single layer.  Place the sheets in the oven cold, and then turn oven to 400 and cook for 20-22 minutes.  Once the bacon has slightly cooled (enough to handle), I layer it on a plate with paper towels in between to get rid of the excess grease.  Also, I cook an entire pack at a time, and just use 12 slices for this recipe.
  2. Cook the sausages.  I turn the oven to 350, place the sausages in a shallow baking pan, and bake for 12-15 minutes, turning once or twice.
  3. Set up the assembly and start to put together.  Cover your workspace with wax or parchment paper, and lay out the 12 tortillas.  Using scissors, cut up one strip of bacon in the centre of each tortilla, then cut up one sausage in the centre on top.
  4. Eggs.  In a small bowl, lightly beat together 4 eggs with a splash of milk and desired seasonings (I always do salt and pepper, usually a bit of minced onion, and then add either some chili powder, a dash of taco seasoning, or some Greek seasoning blend).  Preheat a frying pan on medium, and add just a touch of butter or light-tasting oil, such as canola.  Scramble the eggs in the pan.  Once cooked, divide the eggs into 4 equal portions, and split among 4 tortillas.  Repeat this procedure 3 times for a total of 12 eggs in 12 tortillas.
  5. Put it all together.  Close up and fold each tortilla like a burrito.  I like to put the rolled wraps on a plate to save space.  Once they are all rolled, wrap each burrito individually in aluminum foil.  Place the wrapped finished breakfast burritos in a larger container for easy access, such as a larger freezer-safe serving bowl or a large Ziploc bag, and pop in the freezer!  After a couple of hours, they’re good!
  6. Time to eat!  To serve, unwrap a burrito from the foil and place on a microwave-safe plate.  Heat up for about 1 minute and 30 seconds.  Let cool slightly, and enjoy!

These breakfast burritos are awesome!  They are filled with good protein and nutrients, and very tasty!  I usually only eat half of one for breakfast, since they pack quite the calorie punch, but Nick has one every morning, and they actually keep him full!  If you want a serious breakfast for a rushed weekday morning, or a breakfast that will keep a man-sized appetite satisfied, I would highly recommend these!

How do you guys deal with the morning breakfast rush?  Any favourites for filling delicious breakfasts?


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