My Little Fitness Secret…

Happy Monday , friends!  I hope your week is going beautifully so far.  Thankfully, Toronto hasn’t been extremely cold anymore, just usual midwinter cold.  That’s at least meant sunshine, and an ability to actually walk without a maddening run into warmth.  If you’re reading this from a warmer climate (Hi there, southern States/Australia, any readers we might have in the tropics and subtropics), then please know that I dearly wish I was right there with you, not needing a winter coat, but alas.

So today I wanted to discuss fitness, and to let you in on a little secret of mine.  Being more fit, or in better shape, seems to be a perennially favourite goal of all of us.  And of course, we wish there was a magic secret, don’t we?  Some pill, some magical shake that would just do it all.  While I have not yet discovered that (I wish!), I can tell you about one of my best tools for fitness.  It’s simple, requires very little equipment, and extremely effective.

I’m talking about my favourite workout DVD, Skinny B*tch Body!  It is amazing!  I actually received it as a gift, and it is my go-to whenever I feel that my body needs to get back to its peak shape.

This fabulous DVD features 4 targeted workouts that are 15-20 minutes each, focusing on your abs, arms, legs, and ahem… bottom.  It’s all bodyweight training, so the only piece of equipment you might need is a yoga mat, though I’ve done them on a carpeted floor just as well.  I also like that unlike a lot of more cardio-intense DVDs, this one doesn’t have very much running around from one end of the room to the other, which helps when floor space is at a premium in a small apartment.  The DVD always gives me an amazing workout, and makes me lean and toned.  Also, Rory and Kim are very funny workout leaders/hosts, cracking jokes the entire time as if you’re at brunch over mimosas, rather than the repetitive yelling of calls to action that you might be used to.  I just follow along and try not to think too much, and get my workout in!  I can honestly say that this is the only workout where I’ve been able to start to see changes often within a day or two, I really can’t recommend this DVD enough!

What are your favourite workouts?  Any staple DVDs or plans you turn to time and time again?



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