Tips for Beating the Midwinter Blues

How have you been, friends?  I have been (oddly enough) finding joy and seeing beauty even in the less than awesome winter weather.  My soul was made for warm weather and tropical breezes, so I tire of winter very quickly, usually by December 26th.  The fact that I am finding joy and not feeling miserable when I look out the window or step out is a miracle!  Of course, the wonderful jolt of pink and red that is Valentine’s Day does help with this.  However, if you are feeling the winter blues creep in, I’ve got a few tips that might help put a smile on your face.

1 – Get outside.

I know, this can be completely counterintuitive.  And honestly, when it’s grey and miserable out (or extremely cold, as it sometimes gets here in Toronto), this can be the last thing you want to do.  However, a dose of fresh air will always help lift your spirits – and if you look, you might be able to see beauty even in the dreariest day.  Perhaps it’s the snow sitting on the pine trees like icing, making the world look like a snowglobe.  Maybe it’s cute little pawprints along the sidewalk.  Sometimes, I just pop out on our balcony and look at the rooftops of houses, and how with snow on top, it looks like a sleep gingerbread village.  And of course, if it happens to be a sunny day, few skies look as brilliantly blue as those contrasted with sparkling white snow.

2 – Cozy up with a hot drink

Tis the season!  Break out the hot chocolate, or hot apple cider.  Why not throw together a hot toddy or peppermint mocha?  Or a delicious cozy cup of tea?  It’ll warm you up from inside, and this is such a simple and pure pleasure, it’s sure to brighten your day, especially if you use a pretty mug that makes you smile.  As you drink it, try to focus on the simple sensual elements of the experience – watch the liquid swirl in the mug and the steam rise, inhale the delicious aroma – it almost becomes a meditative experience.

3 – Bring in some brights

Sometimes, in the midst of all they grey and white and slush, what we really need is a pop of bright colour.  It feels like a green juice for your visual palette.  So go ahead and beckon to spring and renewal this way – paint your nails a bright fuschia pink, make yourself a green juice, add pops of vibrant colours to your look.  One of my favourite pieces is my blue and silver loop necklace.  Its gorgeous turquoise hue reminds me of tropical beaches, and the colour brightens up my whole look.  Another easy favourite – slick on some bright pink lipstick or lip gloss.  It’s like a facelift in a tube!

4 – Embrace cozy styles

You know how by the end of summer, it seems everyone can’t wait to get back to sweater weather and leather jackets and pumpkin spice lattes?  Well we’re in that right now, so enjoy it!  Wrap yourself in soft sweaters, load on the scarves, toss on a sweater dress and tights.  Before you know it, we’ll be back in the heat when we’ll be trying to wear as little as socially acceptable to keep cool, so enjoy piling on the layers now and rock your cute Pinterest outfits!

I hope this helps.  There really is fun and beauty to be enjoyed in every season, and I often think of winter as wrapping myself in a cocoon, luxuriating in warmth, coziness, and comfort before the spring unveils new wonders and experiences ahead.  So today when I sip my hot chocolate wearing my fuzzy pjs, I’ll be sending warm thoughts your way.



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