My Beach Bag Essentials

I love summer, it truly is my favourite season.  I adore the warm weather, the flowers, the long hours of sunshine, but one of my most favourite parts of summer is going to the beach.  Whether it’s a tropical paradise (like we visited last month), or even just a day trip to Wasaga Beach, I feel most at home with sand under my feet and a sea breeze running through my hair.

I’ve even adopted one of Lauren Conrad’s tips from a while back and keep a bag always ready for summer fun, so that I’m always set for a spontaneous trip to the beach!  Of course, that begs the question, what to keep in your beach bag?  Well, here below I’ve curated my list of beach bag essentials, pulled mostly from what I actually had on hand in Mexico!  Check it out 🙂

The Essentials (clockwise from the top)

  1. The Bag – it seems fairly obvious, but make sure you pick out a good beach bag.  I like a fun, light, sizeable one that has at least one zipped pocket for more valuable/delicate items, and is beachy but gender neutral.  I want Nick to feel okay carrying it as well as me, so this is where I might skip the neon pink.  I think this one was from Giant Tiger.
  2. Beach Towels – pick out some nice beach towels.  I look for ones that are nice and big, fluffy and thick, and brightly coloured.  These cuties were from The Bay’s Distinctly Home collection.
  3. Sunscreen/Suntan Lotion & After Sun Lotion – nobody likes the lobster look, and the beach breeze can be pretty drying.  We like to keep a few options on hand, from SPF 8 to 50, as well as a soothing aloe lotion for afterwards.
  4. Sunglasses – one of the few actual accessories you’ll wear with a swimsuit, and it’ll help protect your eyes from squinting!  I picked up this pair at a drugstore, and have loved them since.
  5. Sun Hat – a nice wide brim that covers your face helps prevent burns, and looks cute!  I picked up this big floppy one in Mexico!
  6. Swimsuit – in the photo above, I’ve got a cute pink bikini from Ardene that I took to Mexico. For a sweet one-piece, here is the really cute vintagey looking nautical one I found online at Naja – a socially-conscious lingerie company that looks to empower women through their bras, panties and swimsuits – and it’s made from recycled plastic bottles!  Genius!  Also worth noting, if you go and subscribe to their mailing list, you get a 10% discount.  Definitely worth a look.
  7. Cute Coverup or Dress – crucial for if you’re venturing off the beach in search of food, or if you’re attending any fun post-beach day activities.  I got this pretty blue coverup on a trip to Aruba, and I love to wear my breezy white dress from H&M on beach days.
  8. Reading Material – whether a fun novel, or a great book on a topic of interest, a beach read is always a good idea.  Right now I’m loving The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and French Women Don’t Get Fat.
  9. Cleansing Cloths & Hand Sanitizer – for when you just need a quick refresh, these are fantastic.  I just picked up some really simple wipes from Rexall, and a small bottle of One Step.
  10. Deodorant & Body Spray – it’s not really cute, but sweat happens, especially in the hot sun, and some of your deodorant likely gets washed away if you go for a dip in the water.  So be ready and have a stick on hand to swipe (like this Dove Visibly Smooth, which minimizes the appearance of hair and has a wild rose scent) and a fun body spray to scent yourself sweetly and subtly.  I’ve been loving Bodycology’s Sweet Love with rose and whipped cream scents, especially since it layers nicely with the perfumes I like as well.
  11. Lip Balm – sun and wind can wreak havoc on your pretty lips, so keep them well protected and hydrated.  I’m loving eos in Strawberry Sorbet!
  12. Camera – of course, usually this is a part of your smartphone.  But sometimes, I like taking along a dedicated camera instead, like this old Canon Elph we have.
  13. Wristlet – or a small clutch, perfect for grabbing just your basics (wallet, phone, keys, makeup) if you’re heading out on the town afterwards, and it keeps those valuable items protected from water and sand.  I really like this Aldo clutch that I got a few seasons back.

And now you’re all set for a day at the beach!  As well as the potential of a fun summer evening afterwards 🙂  What are your go-to items for your beach bag?


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