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The Lipstick Essentials

Hello, beauties!  I’ve got a fun one for you today – a post all about lipstick!  Ah lipstick, how we love thee.  With a single inexpensive tube, you can completely change a makeup look, the feel of an outfit, and brighten up your whole face.  It truly is like a facelift in a tube if it’s done right.  With that in mind, I figured it would be fun to write about the lipsticks that I’ve found essential to have in my makeup bag that keep my lips ready for any occasion.  If you’re a makeup enthusiast, you likely have all these and many more, and more power to you!  I tend to try and be minimalist where I can while keeping myself from being bored, so this is more basics.

1. The My Lips But Better (or MLBB for the savvy)

This is the Swiss Army Knife of lipstick – a shade that is very close to your natural lip colour.  It might be just a touch brighter, but the idea is that it looks very natural.  This truly works in every setting, and makes you instantly look polished and put together.  Because of its more demure look, this is easy to pair with very bold and graphic eye makeup.  Paired with soft neutral eye makeup, it’s my interview/first meeting look of choice.  And unless someone is staring at your lips from close range, it makes it look less like makeup and more like you simply have naturally gorgeous, enticing lips – yay!  My current one is Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss in Pink – Light.  This is a great collection because it’s super easy to match your skin tone and find a great shade that feels more like a lip balm.

20160429_lipstick4_zpsopdwqmd62. The Classic Red

Timeless, glamorous, feminine.  Red lips have been a sign of beauty for ages, and look amazing on everyone.  It might take a bit of trial and error to find the one that works best for you, since it’s best to match with your warm, cool, or neutral undertone.  However, a red lip instantly makes your face brighter, and glams up your entire look.  It’s a classic staple for dressing up, but also works beautifully with jeans and a t-shirt.  It also works wonders for your confidence and fierceness, so go ahead and face your next important meeting with a scarlet smile.  My current picks are a red lipstick from Casmara Cosmetics and Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lip Color in Forever Red (I love this one because it stays put for well over 12 hours, and I still have mine though I think the product line has been discontinued).

20160429_lipstick3_zpscyqzvi833. The Bright Pink

The alternative to the classic red.  This is a great way to have bold lipstick that stands out in a sea of red lips (a bit like wearing a bright dress in a sea of LBDs), and it’s a bit more playful and youthful than red.  Bright pink lips are my default choice on most days, and it became a bit of a signature look for me at work..  For both red and bright pink lips, I’d recommend keeping eye makeup simpler, though a clean simple cat-eye or even some subtly smoky eye makeup works really well.  Currently I’m loving Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Sultry Samba, and also Maybelline’s Baby Lips lip balm in Strike a Rose – it’s super pigmented for a lip balm.


4. The Dramatic Choice

For those days when you just want something different, something fun and wild and crazy.  Whether you go for a classic vampy bordeaux, a chocolatey brown shade (hello 90s!), or something even wilder (straight-up purple?  black?  I’ve even seen green!), this is a fun surprise for those days when you want to be a bit unexpected.  I’m very traditional in my tastes, so the wildest I’ll go is usually bordeaux.  A quick tip for when you choose dark wild lips, the color tends to minimize the size of your lips, so feel free to use a dab of lip gloss in the center, or top with a clear lip balm that has some sheen to it.  Before I went blonde, I loved Artistry Lip Colour in Ripe, but I find super dark shades look a bit heavy on me as a blonde.  So I use a dramatic lip gloss instead for the same effect.  A great choice is Artistry Light Up Lip Gloss in Glamour.


Those are my suggestions for the well-stocked makeup bag.  Of course, with something as low-commitment as lipstick, feel free to experiment with shades of red, blush pink, coral, nude, and have as much fun with it as you’d like, but for those that don’t want to spend a lot of time filling their makeup stash, these are some great basics that’ll have you all set for just about any occasion or mood.  What are some of your favourite lipsticks?sig_zps80d391d4

Coming Home

Hello friends… are we still friends?  I know it’s been so long since I’ve dropped in, or said hello.  There’s been the occasional Instagram photo and Facebook post, but that’s been about it.  And here’s why, dear friends.

The past year has been a wild and bumpy ride for me.  We moved out to the suburbs, to a quaint little place that we couldn’t really change or decorate, and I took a job where I wore a uniform daily and worked 10 hour days.  That meant no real content for home decor posts, outfit posts, or even fun recipes.  Then we decided to move back to the city.  So now, we’re back!  Back in the city, back in our neighbourhood, even back in our old building!  And that means that I’m back, and fully ready to brighten up our world with pink again!

Say it with me dolls..!: