My New Favourite Foundation

Okay, ladies. This post is about a complete makeup game-changer.  I don’t use that term lightly.

I had a nice post all ready to go about my foundation routine, and how I rotate formulas with the seasons… and then it all had to be scrapped.  Because one product alone replaced it ALL.

See, my skin does this “fun” thing where it’s actually kind of translucent and so based on sleep, the weather, my circulation, and the current phase of the moon (kidding on that last one), it’ll change hue from Casper to pale with pink to pale with beige.  This has meant that I’ve had the unfortunate experience of a great foundation and concealer looking terrible on me for no real reason whatsoever, and me sporting a way-too-pale face with orange spots of concealer…. just because my skin decided to.

Enter the amazing Revlon 2-in-1 Foundation.  Oh my goodness, I cannot even begin to sing its praises enough!!  I tried it out with high hopes, since it is a higher priced drugstore foundation.  But it promises full flawless coverage and a perfect matched concealer with a nice finish.  And it delivered.  The compact package has an applicator sponge and mirror, so it’s truly all you need – no special brushes, blenders, or anything required.  With that one sponge, I applied the foundation thinly over my face, and then dabbed on a bit more on problem areas.  Then I used the tip of the sponge to apply the concealer around my eyes, and that was it!  In about a fifth of the time I’d usually spend on my face makeup alone, my face makeup was DONE.  No longer did I need foundation, eye concealer, green concealer, stick concealer, and setting powder.  One product did it all!revlon2in1_zpstijvmsv4

One of my favourite things about this product is the finish.  Although it’s a cream foundation, it dries to a beautiful satin matte that has just the right touch of light reflection to look fresh without looking oily or sweaty.  I have the foundation in Ivory, but their selection of tones is pretty good.  In the morning I like to buff it a bit with a clean powder brush just to even out the finish a bit, but it looks just as great when I don’t.  And I’ve tested it over some long days, all it needs is the occasional blot with a tissue in the late afternoon, around 4pm, and then it looks flawless again.  Even though it’s full coverage, it barely feels like wearing any foundation at all.

It’s easily my favourite addition to my makeup bag because it simplifies it and saves me so much time – I get my entire makeup look done in about half the time just by using this one foundation.

Have you tried this fantastic product?  Any awesome new finds, I’d love to hear about them!sig_zps80d391d4


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