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Childlike – Childish

Childish.  Dreamer.  Head in the clouds.  Hopeless romantic.

I’ve often had those words said of me, and usually with a bit of a negative connotation (as in I should get my head out of the clouds and focus on the real world).  But with today’s musing, I wonder if perhaps they’re not a bad thing after all, and maybe even positive attributes.

You see, yesterday I was walking through Yorkdale Mall, and a small moment caught my eye.  I was passing the newly opened Disney store, and of course my gaze was drawn to all the brightly coloured, sparkly, magical-looking displays.  And then I saw… a little girl.  She looked no more than 5 years old, and had a striking resemblance to me at that age – dark brown hair with bangs, big curious chestnut brown eyes.  She was holding a little Princess Belle dress on a hanger against her torso, the way we so often do to imagine what some clothing might look like on us before deciding whether to try it on.  She was clearly enthralled with the delicate yellow-gold fabric, the sparkles, and then she twirled.  As all princesses know, the twirling ability of a dress is very important.  After a happy twirl with the enchanting dress, she looked up with a bright smile, and eyes lit up with pure delight and joy.  Her next mission was probably to find mommy and try to get the dress.

This whole series of events took no more than maybe 15 seconds, but it brought on an irrepressible smile, and was truly heartwarming.  I don’t know anything about that little girl, who she is, why she was drawn to my favourite Disney princess (probably had something to do with the hair colour), and I’ll probably never see her again, but that moment had in it a spark of magic.  In that moment, I remembered, remembered being her age, remembered when life was so much simpler, and my biggest concern was what today’s adventure would be.  So it made me wonder, is being a dreamer, or being childlike, really that bad?  Is being a hopeless romantic really hopeless?

I don’t think so.  I think sometimes we all need a reminder to dream, to smile, and to see beauty and joy in the basic things of life.  After all, sharing a common dream with someone, laughing until it hurts and you look silly, being truly happy, and being loved and welcomed – those are really worth pursuing, and are both free of charge, and priceless.  I hope you’ll smile and laugh and dream today, and twirl around in a tiara, and slay dragons, and sing to woodland creatures, and keep alive that childlike wonder, because why not?  It’ll only brighten your day 🙂

(Photo courtesy of http://www.discountkidtoystore.com)