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What I’ve Been Wearing – Flashback to Fall Edition

Hi again, sweet friends!  I hope that you are all enjoying the wonder and cheer of the season.  Here in Toronto the city has been frosted with snow and pretty things.  However, I thought I’d take a trip a little bit down memory lane, to the pretty autumn we had as well.  Here are some of the outfits I really liked, and would love to enjoy reminiscing of the warmer weather.  As I was looking through these, I did notice that for most of them, simply adding black or nude tights and maybe boots would make them perfect for this cooler weather.

First up, my cute blue zip detail dress from Venus.  I really like this dress, since the colour makes me feel like it’s inspired by Kate Middleton, or maybe Bella’s blue blouse in Twilight.  I paired with my adorable pink polka dot peep-toe wedges from Suzy Shier from way back (2005?  I think) for a cute and casual look.  Since the neckline already had detailing, I accessorized with a simple crystal bracelet.

Next up, a more business appropriate look.  I paired a white Laura blouse with a highwaisted black pencil skirt from TJ Maxx, and added a red corset belt from Ardenes for a pop of colour, along with red lips!  With bare legs or nude tights, I love wearing my nude Nine West pumps since it has a great lengthening effect on legs.  To winterize this look, I’d pick the nude stockings over black, though you could  definitely wear red stockings for a fun colour punch.

Here we’ve got another fun office appropriate look.  I paired a short-sleeved grey blazer from Garage (worn over a white cami) with a fun printed skirt from Giant Tiger (yes, you heard me right).  I love using A-line flared skirts, they’re my favourite!  To make these office appropriate, make sure that the length is good, at least to your fingertips when it’s flared out.  Also, since the skirt lends itself to a more casual vibe, I’d suggest a blazer or crisp long sleeved top in order to keep it professional.  Of course, my nude Nine West pumps make an appearance again, as they’ve become staples for me.  I wore this outfit with an onyx pendant to go with the black in the skirt.

Of course, for days when I don’t feel like designing an entire coordinated outfit, a dress and neutrals will never go wrong.  This is a great ivory shift dress from Venus that has beautiful lines and great lace detailing, which needs no further decoration!  I paired it with a cute charm bracelet, and of course, the trusty nude pumps… which you’re about to see again.

Whee!  I love this blazer!  It’s fun and bright pink and has adorable detailing with the black flowers on the lapel and a bow at the back, and it was from AliExpress at a steeply discounted price!  I wanted to highlight the blazer, so although the pink in the skirt is of the same hue, it’s a much more subdued colour!  You might notice that it’s the same cami and skirt (and pumps) from before, but a new topper gives it a totally different look!  To highlight the girly factor even more, I wore a heart-shaped pendant.  

I’ve really enjoyed this little stroll down memory lane, I think I’ll see if I can pull out some of these looks again with winter tweaks!  Which ones did you enjoy most?  What have you guys been wearing these days?


What I’ve Been Wearing – Summer Fashion Update

Hello sweet friends!  I hope you are having a fantastic summer, full of warmth, sunshine, and fun 🙂  We’ve been having a great summer thus far, both enjoying the way Toronto blooms in the warm weather, and also heading out a bit farther on weekends.  This summer, we’ve been going to the beach for at least one day each weekend to relax, splash around, and work on our tans.  It’s been fabulous!

Summer is also my very favourite season in terms of style!  While it’s true that the heat prevents fun layering and limits choice if you want to be comfortable, I adore the simplicity of dresses, no need for stockings, and the bounty of both light breezy looks and bold bright colours.  Here are a few outfits I’ve enjoyed wearing the past little while:

This beachy looking date night outfit was great for a Saturday evening in the city, going to one of our favourite Thai restaurants, and having dinner on their patio.

  • White maxi dress (H&M)
  • Silver & turquoise necklace (souvenir from Mexico)
  • White wedges (Aldo)

Pretty in Pink, out running errands – I think we were looking for a bike for Nick on that day.

  • Bright pink dress (Venus)
  • Hot pink clutch (Aldo)
  • Silver flip flops (I think these were an emergency drugstore purchase)

Animal prints for the Office, a cute dress I bought back in the winter, but it works all year, and for both night and day 🙂  I am not usually the animal print type, but this one has been a fun foray into fashion risks!

  • Sleeveless leopard print dress (Suzy Shier)
  • Floral purse (Brand is Miche, gift)
  • Nude patent pumps (Nine West)
  • Silver & turquoise necklace (same piece as in outfit #1)
  • Silver & crystal bracelet (gift)

Another fun date night, celebrating 5 years since we met with dinner at Copacabana!

  • Black paillette dress (Venus)
  • Hot pink clutch (Aldo)
  • Black patent pumps (thrift store find)
  • Silver & crystal bracelet (gift)

A small snapshot of my summer wardrobe, peppered with brights, whites, and even a bit of animal print!  What have you been wearing this summer? Are you trying out new outfits and looks, or going back to old favourites?


Summer Style Updates – Closet Swap Campaign for Raise.com

Hello, dear readers!  Summer is finally upon us, hurray!  Picture me doing a ridiculously dorky happy dance through a rainbow, because that’s basically how I feel whenever the warm weather returns.  And with summer we have a chance to wear summer outfits!  This is very exciting, because we can show our legs and toes and arms again without all of those limbs freezing into numbness.  Not too long ago, I was contacted by Jessica from Raise.com to be a part of their “Closet Swap” campaign highlighting how I’d be transitioning my style into summer – of course I said yes, and that’s how we got here!  So without further ado, my favourite style tips and trends for summer:

1. White & Light Colours – even if you’re not vacationing in Cabo San Lucas or Mykonos, looking the part will make your day feel more special.

For casual settings, like running errands, hanging out at a beach or pool, or going to a fun patio, I love this beachy white dress – it’s a cute little H&M piece (similar here), and I love wearing it with a big colourful necklace and comfortable white wedges, like in this picture.

For work and dressier occasions, I picked up this sleek shift dress from Venus (similar here), which is a light ivory/cream with black lace detailing.  It’s the perfect silhouette, and thanks to the lace needs very little embellishment.  I usually wear it with a delicate bracelet and earrings, and here I’ve paired with red peeptoe heels that have roses on them to give it an added touch of colour.

Of course, an airy white maxi dress is perfect for that beachy vibe (similar here).  This is one of my favourites from a vacation in Mexico, paired with bare feet and kisses!  

2. Bright Colours – let the natural beauty of the season’s gorgeous blooms and juicy fruits inspire you!

This thrift store find makes me feel like I’m off to pick flowers or berries, and I always get compliments on it.  Here, I’ve paired it with simple white flats and sunglasses.

An old favourite, this sweet jersey dress from Venus (available here), with a simple silhouette that adds interest due to the zipper and slight shimmer in the side panel fabric.  This dress basically feels like pajamas, and looks super cute – I’ve worn this both for adventuring (with flip flops and shades) and in the office with heels!

And I can’t leave out the classic fitted party dress from Sirens.  This one is a lipstick red, and always looks great for a night on the town!  Here, I’ve paired it with red lips and a fun silver clutch for a dinner cruise around Toronto’s waterfront.

3. Pops of Colour on Neutrals – Simple black and white will always look amazing, but why not dress it up with a splash of colour?

Here, I’ve paired a simple black bustier top and white eyelet skirt.  To add colour, I’ve added a wide red belt to cinch the look together, and red rose peeptoe heels.

This is another cute party dress from Venus, black with paillettes all over it.  For fun, I’ve paired it with bright pink satin heels for a fun night out.

This outfit is one of my all-time favourites – a black bustier top with a frilly white skirt with black lace detailing from Le Chateau! (Fun fact:  This is the exact outfit I was wearing when I met my husband, 5 years ago!)  I chose to wear it with simple black patent pumps (these ones), and let the neon pink clutch from Aldo shine.

4. Accessories – the easiest (and often most budget-friendly) way to change your style for the seasons.  I’ve already mentioned a few, like adding a fun pair of bright heels, a big necklace, or a fun clutch, and for summer – sunglasses!

This is the same red party dress from before, but instead of the silver clutch, I paired it with a fun flower in my hair and silver heels, super cute and feminine!

Here, I’m wearing the blue version of the zip neckline jersey dress from Venus, but this time with delicate black sandals from Naturalizer, sunglasses, and my beloved Aldo clutch, which has a cool chain to wear as a crossbody bag.

There you have it, my 4 simple ways to update your style for summer.  Don’t be afraid to try a new colour or combination, flaunt your favourites (did someone say pink?), and enjoy all the open-toed, light fabric, shorter hemlines you can while the weather is right for it.

Also, be sure to check out Raise.com, the great company that is running this campaign!  They work based on an awesome idea – you can buy discounted gift cards there, and sell unused gift cards for cash!  It works really well to save money, since you have so much variety, and you can get exactly what you want!

Happy styling, and shopping!