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The Meet Cute – 5 years ago today…

A “meet cute” is the scene in a movie, usually a romance, where the hero and heroine meet for the first time in some adorable way.  Classics include literally running into each other, causing the girl to drop her books/files, while the chivalrous and now apologetic boy charms while helping her gather her things.  But this story is of our meet cute, and it’s one of our favourite relationship stories to tell.  It took place on Wednesday, June 24, 2009 in Waterloo, Ontario.

It was a beautiful, hot, summer day in Waterloo, and I had just gone down to the university campus to try and figure out class scheduling conflicts.  My efforts were in vain, so I decided it was best to head home.  I see my bus leaving just as I get the bus stop in my view, so now I’ll be waiting at the corner of King and University for an unknown amount of time (that’s the good ol’ GRT for you).

As I’m waiting, and not in the best of moods, I hear a voice from behind me – “Excuse me, miss in the dress, can I ask where do you get your hair cut?”  I turn, a little annoyed, and there he is.  A tall, handsome, blond stranger wearing a bright white linen shirt.  Nick.  He whips off his aviator sunglasses with a flourish and puts them on top of his head.  Honestly, between his charming smile and gorgeous green eyes, I find myself transfixed.  The faux hawk and scruffy goatee I’m not crazy about, but he’s still striking.  We converse, he tries to sell me a discount spa package that he’s been selling for work – $60 at Chameleon Spa for a haircut, pedicure, facial, wax, and massage (a $180 value!).  I’m not at all interested in the voucher, since I’m going to my salon tomorrow (but very interested in him), and in the meantime my bus arrives.

Well, Nick is not deterred, he hops on the bus with me to continue his pitch, noting that we go to the same university.  After a few stops, he realizes that I’m not buying, so he decides to hop off, but not before asking for my phone number.  The line was “You’re pretty cute, I’d love to see you again.”  I say “Sure, we’ll probably run into each other on campus.”  His response is “I mean, can I have your phone number and call you sometime?”  I figure the chance of him calling me is none to none, so I give it to him, writing it on his hand since his phone is dead.  He hops off, I continue home, and feel all warm and giddy inside for days.  Three days later we speak on the phone, he asks me out for gelato…. and the rest is history.

It’s been 5 years since then (crazy!), and I am still as enchanted and enamoured with him.  Thank you, darling, for trying to sell me on a spa package, hopping on that bus, and asking for my number.  I know my life changed that day, and we’ve been inseparable since then – I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

Cute couples readers – what are your first meet stories?