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Nail Polish Upgraded Necklace

Hello lovelies!  Well, summer is here!  Not on the calendar, but this heat wave is more than welcome if you ask me!  We’ve been having a ton of fun here in the city, with patios and beaches and baseball games.

I love how summer makes bright colours appear, both in nature and in fashion.  And one of my favourite fashion accessories is my blue statement necklace.  If you’ve read any of my Style posts, you’ve definitely seen it before, but here it is again.img_1713202_zpsgai4cwwp

I always get compliments on this pretty necklace, and I love how awesome it looks with a cute dress or a t-shirt.  However, I’ve always wished I had a pink one – seeing as it’s my favourite colour.  So recently I broke out my favourite pink nail polish and decided to make my sweet necklace *~reversible~*.

Super simple:  I used white nail polish (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On) as a base to avoid the colour bleeding through the translucent blue discs.  Then once that was dry, I used my fun pink (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Pink Punk) to carefully cover the white.  Here’s the end result!img_1715_zps20diixua

And in case I’m feeling a bit whimsical, I can wear it blue with a pink accent teehee!img_1714_zpsm0dkycy9

Have you tried any little upcycles with nail polish?  Let me know in the comments 🙂sig_zps80d391d4


5 Things That Are Making My Week

Happy Wednesday!  I hope your week is going well 🙂  It’s been a good week here for us, as we continue to settle into a rhythm for the summer.  I love when the days are long, and the evenings stretch out with slow, relaxed sunsets.  I’m trying out a new recurring feature here on the blog, and I’ll be calling it 5 Things That Are Making My Week, I hope you enjoy it!  Here we go with this week’s Top 5.

  1. Big pots of coffee:  When we moved, our Keurig started acting a bit fussy, so we went out and got a good old fashioned coffeemaker that makes a pot at a time.  I’ve been loving it!  We put the pot on in the morning, which makes our home smell delicious, and then have lots of coffee ready whenever we’d like.  Right now, I’m really liking Lavazza coffee with just a bit of raw sugar and cream.
  2. Bright pink nail polish: Of course, this is my signature nail look (you might remember that from this post, where I discussed my intentionally reduced manicure options).  This past little while, though, I’ve been really liking how the bright pink looks with my tanned skin – it makes me feel very pretty and the pink makes me smile every time I look at my tips!
  3. My pretty water bottle: Nick and I picked up some cute durable water bottles to use, all in an effort to reduce the amount of disposable bottled water bottles that we go through.  This little cutie with a blue top and a bright geometric pattern holds 1.5 standard bottles, and is adorable!  I’ve even added little flags on the side to help me gauge my water intake as I go about my day.
  4. Lemon tea: Something about tea makes me feel so healthy and serene, especially herbal and green tea.  So I’ve been trying to make tea more of a daily recurrence in my life.  Recently, I’ve been really enjoying the Lemon Thriller tea by President’s Choice, which tastes just like a pure lemon tea, really beautiful.
  5. To Do & Done Lists:  I make daily To Do lists, so that’s nothing new.  However, I’ve started also writing out Done lists next to those, and noting down items that I did throughout the day.  Here I focus on things and activities that I intend to do, but don’t necessarily come up on my To Do list – things like reading, listening to great audios, eating an actual breakfast.  I’ve been really getting into this because I tend to be a bit overzealous with my To Do lists, and this gives me a better perspective on my day, and shows a more complete picture of what I accomplished any given day.

What little things have been making your week better?  And what do you think of this as a new feature?  I’m pretty optimistic, since even just thinking of the items to put on my list puts me in a much more grateful and thankful mindset as I think about my week.

The simplicity of limited manicure options

Hello, dear sweet readers!  By now, you know that one of the areas Dash of Pink has a focus on is beauty.  While I love experimenting with fun new looks and methods, this is about my decision, in one area, to do the complete opposite and cut back!  As much as I love pretty things and pleasing aesthetics, I also find the simplicity and peace of minimalism very appealing, so I’m always striving to streamline, and this time I decided to attack my nail polish collection.  I’m admittedly a bit of a beauty junkie, but I found myself going back again and again to the same few colours.  Also, nail polish tends to get goopy and start to dry out and separate well before the end of the bottle is reached, so this should save some money as well.

Once upon a time, I had a wide rainbow of colours:  ballet slipper pink, Barbie pink, dusty rose, fuschia, red, wine, coral, nude, white, silver, pale lavender, deep purple, magnetic greyish purple, and black.  I loved all these colours, but my favourites were pink, red, and a sweet neutral like a French manicure.  So as these shades began to need replacing, I decided to simplify.  Eventually I whittled the rainbow down to 3:  red, bright pink (the colour I wore on our wedding day), and black.

The black I don’t even wear on my nails.  I’ve found that it works wonders on black shoes that have scuffs or peels, so I keep a black polish on hand for shoe repair haha!  For nails, I’ll stick to my two favourite mani shades, and I picked up a nail pencil for making a natural looking French mani.  Using those and a good top coat, here’s what I’ll be sporting for a while.

Bright Pink – this one is called Fuschia Power by Sally Hansen Hard as Nails.  I used to wear Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Nail Lacquer in Posh Pink, as that was the exact product I used for my wedding manicure, but switched because I couldn’t find information online about whether the Rimmel one was 3-Free.  They’re the exact same shade though, so I’m glad I found this one!  This is my signature, and my favourite colour in general!

Red – I use Right Said Red by Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure.  I know that all Sally Hansen nail colours are 3-Free, and a whole bunch of them are also free of formaldehyde resin and camphor.  I’m a pink girl through and through, but I do believe that red nails are a timeless classic, and sometimes you just want to evoke that old Hollywood glamour – plus it’s great for Christmas, Valentine’s and Canada Day/4th of July!

Neutral – Hands down (no pun intended) the easiest option.  I simply use the nail pencil as directed, and either buff my nails or slick on a top coat – foolproof fabulous French-ish!

There you have it, my little step towards a simpler, more streamlined routine.  Do you have a few favourite manicure looks?  Or do you like trying something new every time?

DIY Phone Cover

Do you ever have those moments when, maybe out of boredom or a hare-brained idea, you try something new and kooky?  That’s pretty much what I did recently (I blame the neverending winter), and made my very own (custom!) smartphone cover.  But let’s back up a bit to see how we got here.

A while ago, Nick and I decided to get some good smartphones.  With how much we’re running around the city, it made sense.  Coincidentally, our provider Mobilicity (we ❤ you guys!) was having a sale on some of their phones, including the HTC Amaze.  We were pretty impressed reading the specs, and decided to go for it.  I can’t remember the exact price we paid, maybe about $300 for each phone?  Anyways, we went in and got our swanky new phones.

I figured since we’d be hoping to get a lot of use out of them, getting the rubbery case and screen protector would probably be a good idea.  I really wanted a pink case for mine.  Are you surprised?  Didn’t think so.  Well, they only had black and white cases available.  Womp womp.  So I got a white case, and Nick got a black case.  Our phones are otherwise identical, so we wanted to be able to tell them apart.

Well, over time, my white case started to get kind of dingy.  So, a little while back I said “hmm…. I’ve used nail polish for other stuff, wonder if it would work here”, and I went to work.  I used Personal Accents Bubblegum Nail Lacquer, because I loved the adorable candy pink shade.  I just basically painted on an opaque layer without even taking off the case, and left it to dry and cure on a table overnight.  By morning, it was fully cured, and had the feel of a candy coated shell, so I was very happy about that.  To be extra sure and seal the colour in well, I also topped it, predictably, Personal Accents Quick Dry Top Coat the next day.  This is a prime example of use what’s on hand, I guess.  So now I have an adorable pink phone that makes me smile every time I use it.  What do you think?


I might do a design or stencil down the road, but for now I’m loving the solid colour.  Have you guys done any little crafts lately?  Or used nail polish for non-nail painting fun?  Let me know 🙂