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What I’ve Been Wearing – Hello Sunshine Edition

Happy Wednesday friends!  I hope your week is going well.  Here in Toronto it’s been sunny if a bit chillier, but still summery fun is in full swing.  So I thought I’d do a recap of some of my favourite recent outfits 🙂

Girly casual for a fun date night at a comedy club!f7d3922d-4bb2-400b-9ff7-aeec4bfa54a0_zpsxxcmtgef

  • White denim blazer – Yileng from a Metro in Romania
  • Pink denim dress – Venus
  • Snakeskin metallic sandals – Walmart
  • Purse – Winners

Out and about for a Sunday Funday 🙂 e0d8004b-8071-4ed8-a981-70d47572ab5f_zpsso6ppbll

  • Blue dress – Suzy Shier
  • Pink bathing suit – Ardene
  • White sandals – Joneve
  • Sunglasses – American Eagle from Winners
  • Purse – Winners

Light and summery… and feeling like a mermaid.0f2a67b2-b4e9-4c41-b1cb-637bfb904761_zpspdmenwmk

  • Turquoise maxi dress – AliExpress
  • Black corset belt – Ardene
  • White sandals – Joneve
  • Seashell drop earrings – Avon

Movie night date night!  134210b8-770d-4c91-9a07-c065220a9a9d_zps60vle1wq

  • Black tee – Walmart
  • Pink floral skirt – Giant Tiger
  • Snakeskin metallic sandals – Walmart
  • Purse – Winners

What fun items are you bringing out of your closet for summer?  I’m loving getting back into cute skirts and dresses and bright colours!sig_zps80d391d4



What I’ve Been Wearing (More recent version)

Hello dear friends, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day if you are celebrating 🙂  I hope you’ve all been smiling and hopefully experiencing a little bit of spring!  I know I’ve been loving the sunshine here in Toronto, even if life has been a touch hectic as of late (which is why I haven’t posted in a bit longer than usual).  Also, I’ve got a few special posts coming your way soon, so I’ve been working on those 🙂 Anyway, I thought I would share some cute outfits that I’ve been sporting in this cold-but-bearable stint between the dead of winter and the warm blooms of spring… maybe fashion for the Ides of March?  That sounds a bit ominous… but on to the outfits!

Romantic trends fit for the office!  A beautiful red wine coloured top with a rose embellishment paired with simple, elegant business staples.

  • Bordeaux rose detailed top – Joe Fresh
  • Grey pencil skirt – TJ Maxx
  • Black tights – Smart Set
  • Black high heeled motorcycle boots – Xelement


Sleek office chic with a pop of colour and bling!

  • Black blazer – Garage
  • Mauve top with metallic embellishments – gift
  • Black pencil skirt – Suzy Shier
  • Black high heeled motorcycle boots – Xelement

A gorgeous day filled with sunshine, not too much cold wind (and the rare occasion of me wearing pants rather than a skirt or dress), calls for this preppy cute pairing for running errands around the city!

  • Sunglasses – Rexall (yes, a drugstore!  And they’re my favourite shades to date!)
  • White scarf – Ardene
  • Burgundy cape-like silhouette pea coat – Joe Fresh
  • Black leather gloves –
  • Red purse – Jessica Simpson
  • Mauve top with metallic embellishments – gift
  • Dark wash boot cut jeans – Old Navy, Sweetheart style
  • Black high heeled motorcycle boots – Xelement

Here I paired my favourite soft pink sweater with a figure-flattering high-waisted pencil skirt for a romantic office look.

  • Pink v-neck cable knit sweater – Old Navy
  • Black high-waisted pencil skirt – TJ Maxx
  • Black tights – Smart Set
  • Black tall dress boots – Joneve
  • Snowflake blossom pendant – Ardene

Wow, I’m really loving my pinks and mauves looking through this collection!  I love infusing fun brights, especially when the sun starts coming back out!

How are you beauties keeping warm, smiling and fabulous as the seasons change?

My Winter Essentials

Today, I’ll be sharing some of my favourite items this winter.  A few are some of my fashion staples, a few of my beauty staples, and a few items just for fun.  Here goes – my little list of wintery pleasures!

1 – My Long Leather Coat from Danier – This coat is beautiful.  I’ve had it for a few years, and it’s a gorgeous bordeaux shade of lambskin leather.  It’s lightweight, but lined with Thinsulate which makes it extremely warm.  I’m usually a peacoat girl, so this one didn’t get too much use until the extreme cold kicks in.  Once the temperature dipped way below tolerable, this has become my go-to coat in the mornings.  I love the length, which keeps me very well bundled up, and that it’s dressy enough for wearing to the office, but has a few edgy design elements.

2 – My High Heeled Biker Boots from Xelement – If you’ve seen my What I’ve Been Wearing posts, you know that these are the boots I kick on most often on my way out the door.  They’ve got the durable wear and ankle support of motorcycle boots (since that’s what they are), but also a well-designed 3.5” heel that lends itself to ladylike elegance.  The wide heel makes them amazingly comfortable to walk in, and I can easily wear these all day.  They’re also still available here.

3 – Arbonne Shea Butter Hand Lotion – This beautiful little tube is from the holiday collection, and I never leave the house without it.  I’ve found this cold winter especially drying on my hands, and this is one of the few creams that I can actually feel working and seeping into my skin in the best way.  I use it after every hand washing.

4 – Artistry Youth Extend Enriching Lotion – My skin is naturally oily, so I’m very careful about anything too rich on it.  But just a tiny dab of  this lotion on my face at night, and a small pump on my neck and decolletage in the morning and at night has been able to keep my skin soft and supple while avoiding dryness and flakiness.  It’s available here.

5 – David’s Tea Red Velvet Cake Tea & Teal Perfect Mug – I have a deep appreciation for simple things that are beautiful – a well designed lotion package, a pretty mirror, a beautifully designed candle.  The beautiful perfect mug from David’s Tea in their classic teal is one of those things – it makes me smile and feel pretty.  But inside the mug, this particular tea blend that tastes like red velvet cake and has a pretty crimson shade to it as well is amazing.  With a bit of milk or cream and some sugar, it tastes like dessert in a mug – yum!

6 – Zumba classes at the gym – I’ve recently started going to Zumba classes, and I think I’m totally sold on it!  Not only is it super fun and a great workout, it makes me feel so alive and even kind of sexy.  More than that, the fun latin-infused music makes me think of warmer climates and sunshine – I can almost pretend that I’m taking the fun dance classes poolside at a resort 🙂

How are you keeping pretty, stylish and smiling this winter?

 (Photo of boots from Leatherup.ca, photo of Zumba dancer from Zumba.com)

Tips for Beating the Midwinter Blues

How have you been, friends?  I have been (oddly enough) finding joy and seeing beauty even in the less than awesome winter weather.  My soul was made for warm weather and tropical breezes, so I tire of winter very quickly, usually by December 26th.  The fact that I am finding joy and not feeling miserable when I look out the window or step out is a miracle!  Of course, the wonderful jolt of pink and red that is Valentine’s Day does help with this.  However, if you are feeling the winter blues creep in, I’ve got a few tips that might help put a smile on your face.

1 – Get outside.

I know, this can be completely counterintuitive.  And honestly, when it’s grey and miserable out (or extremely cold, as it sometimes gets here in Toronto), this can be the last thing you want to do.  However, a dose of fresh air will always help lift your spirits – and if you look, you might be able to see beauty even in the dreariest day.  Perhaps it’s the snow sitting on the pine trees like icing, making the world look like a snowglobe.  Maybe it’s cute little pawprints along the sidewalk.  Sometimes, I just pop out on our balcony and look at the rooftops of houses, and how with snow on top, it looks like a sleep gingerbread village.  And of course, if it happens to be a sunny day, few skies look as brilliantly blue as those contrasted with sparkling white snow.

2 – Cozy up with a hot drink

Tis the season!  Break out the hot chocolate, or hot apple cider.  Why not throw together a hot toddy or peppermint mocha?  Or a delicious cozy cup of tea?  It’ll warm you up from inside, and this is such a simple and pure pleasure, it’s sure to brighten your day, especially if you use a pretty mug that makes you smile.  As you drink it, try to focus on the simple sensual elements of the experience – watch the liquid swirl in the mug and the steam rise, inhale the delicious aroma – it almost becomes a meditative experience.

3 – Bring in some brights

Sometimes, in the midst of all they grey and white and slush, what we really need is a pop of bright colour.  It feels like a green juice for your visual palette.  So go ahead and beckon to spring and renewal this way – paint your nails a bright fuschia pink, make yourself a green juice, add pops of vibrant colours to your look.  One of my favourite pieces is my blue and silver loop necklace.  Its gorgeous turquoise hue reminds me of tropical beaches, and the colour brightens up my whole look.  Another easy favourite – slick on some bright pink lipstick or lip gloss.  It’s like a facelift in a tube!

4 – Embrace cozy styles

You know how by the end of summer, it seems everyone can’t wait to get back to sweater weather and leather jackets and pumpkin spice lattes?  Well we’re in that right now, so enjoy it!  Wrap yourself in soft sweaters, load on the scarves, toss on a sweater dress and tights.  Before you know it, we’ll be back in the heat when we’ll be trying to wear as little as socially acceptable to keep cool, so enjoy piling on the layers now and rock your cute Pinterest outfits!

I hope this helps.  There really is fun and beauty to be enjoyed in every season, and I often think of winter as wrapping myself in a cocoon, luxuriating in warmth, coziness, and comfort before the spring unveils new wonders and experiences ahead.  So today when I sip my hot chocolate wearing my fuzzy pjs, I’ll be sending warm thoughts your way.


What I’ve Been Wearing

I’ve decided to start doing What I’ve Been Wearing as a recurring post topic, this is one of my favourite types of posts to share with you 🙂  I get to talk about style, cute clothes and looks, and it also motivates me to actually pick out my outfits in advance the night before!  Win-win!

January and February have been very cold here in Toronto thus far, but I’m still trying to stay at least somewhat stylish.  You will see lots of skirts & boots combos in this particular post.

For an evening professional event, I went with classic black and white accented with lace.  I really like the corseted look of this blouse, and those cute little ankle boots with lace all over and faux leather detailing are adorable!  

  • Black & white corset blouse – Suzy Shier
  • Black pencil skirt – Suzy Shier
  • Black & grey lace ankle boots – Shoedazzle

An office look for daytime in softer colours and tones.  This lavender is really pretty, and this grey pencil skirt with button detail is one I turn to quite often for something other than black.  

  • Lavender blouse – Fairweather
  • Grey pencil skirt – TJ Maxx
  • Black high heeled motorcycle boots – Xelement

This was an especially cold day, so I went with seasonal wintery colours and a cozy scarf to keep warm!  This jewel-toned turquoisey blue is one of my favourite shades to wear, and it makes any outfit pop!  

  • White scarf – Ardene
  • Blue detailed top – gift
  • Black pencil skirt – Suzy Shier
  • Black tights – Smart Set
  • Black high heeled motorcycle boots – Xelement

Another classic colour combination, black and ivory with lace!  This is cute for a meeting, interview, or even a dinner out if you’d wear a blazer.

  • Black blazer – Garage
  • Ivory shift dress with black lace detailing – Venus
  • Black tights – Smart Set
  • Black high heeled motorcycle boots – Xelement

A sweet fuschia outfit for the office – comfy, polished, and with a pop of my signature colour!

  • Pink v-neck cable knit sweater – Old Navy
  • Crystal heart pendant – Ardene
  • Grey pencil skirt – TJ Maxx
  • Black tights – Smart Set
  • Black high heeled motorcycle boots – Xelement

Those are some cute little numbers I’ve been putting together, and yes, you can definitely see a love of pencil skirts, neutrals, and my lovely black biker boots which really have earned a post of their own 🙂

How are you staying stylish and warm?

Holiday Highlights

Happy New Year, sweet friends!  I hope you all had an amazing holiday, filled with rest, fun, and merriment.  We are back to our regular routines today, and although a part of me wishes vacation could continue forever, I do also enjoy settling back into a routine and more disciplined habits.  I thought I’d give you a peek into how our holidays went, and what we were up to while the blog was quiet.

Of course, we enjoyed lots of family time.  Nick and I spent Christmas Eve with his parents, and then Christmas day we all visited relatives and had a fantastic day and Christmas dinner!  It was really lovely!  We also visited with my parents, and got to catch up and see lots of pictures, so that was wonderful!

We adorned our walls at home with this cute little DIY Christmas card garland to display all the sweet cards we received – I really like that we made little tape snowflakes, so cute!

While I’m not one to talk about shopping or gift “hauls”, I thought I would show you a few of the wonderful gifts we were blessed with.

These adorable throw pillows that bring a smile to my face everyday.

This gorgeous set of linens in a beautiful neutral palette and delicate pattern (seen here with the throws!)

Books!  I love Twilight, so Nick gifting me the set of novels was so sweet, and also some awesome books on faith and thinking that I’m excited to dive into.

A sweet upgraded K-cup carousel for the kitchen.

This sleek stainless steel garbage can – yes, a garbage can, but I’m super excited about it, and it has a foot pedal!

We also had some fun around the city too.  For a fun and active date, we checked out Skyzone and jumped around on trampolines – so fun!  I’m sure this will be something we do again, and it was quite the workout too!

New Year’s Eve we opted for going out, but keeping it low key – we went to The Fox right here in our neighbourhood for a great dinner and midnight celebration, as well as had some delicious bubbly at home.

On a beautiful sunny day, we hopped out to the waterfront for ice skating with an unbeatable view – this was a classic winter date, complete with hot chocolate 🙂

And as an unexpected treat, we found candy cane ice cream while grocery shopping!  This stuff is so tasty, and hard to find, so we definitely picked some up.

It was exactly what we both needed, a beautiful relaxing and sweet way to end the year, and open the chapter of 2015 with a renewed energy.  Slowly we’ll take down the decorations, and fresh greens have taken the place of baked sweets, but I’m going to try and keep the magic of the holidays alive well into the new year – that joy, that hope, that wonder, it never goes out of style.

Welcome back, dear friends, and let’s make 2015 the best year yet!

Our new media area!

Well, I’ve been shuffling around the apartment again!  And by that I mean moving things around the apartment (as opposed to walking around without picking up my feet).  I find that working within a limited amount of space and trying to fit in a whole bunch of uses turns me into a bit of a brunette Goldilocks – it all has to be not too much, not too little, and fit just right – which means lots of thinking, re-thinking, and usually a few different designs before I find the right one.  This is another one of those moments.  It’s still sort of in progress, but I wanted to share with you all where we are thus far!

You might already know how much I love hotels and hotel rooms – they have so many little luxuries that I want to bring into our home!  The fluffy towels, the collection of pillos… and I certainly wouldn’t mind someone else cleaning the entire place and changing our linens every day, but that’s a different topic.  For now, our bedroom is well on its way to becoming like a cute little hotel room.  Yay!

First, we decided to move the TV into the bedroom.  I know, this is a touchy subject for a lot of people, but for us it’s worked out much better.  We rarely used it when guests were over, so we decided to make the living area more conversation-oriented, and this way, we can watch movies while snuggled up in bed (which has always been a special luxury when we stayed at hotels).  We realized that putting the bed up against the southern wall of the room meant we could move the dressers, and that they would make a perfect TV stand!  It’s still very much a work in progress, since we’re planning on mounting some wall shelves around the TV instead of just stacking up the old TV stand and some decorative bins, but we’re getting there, bit by bit.

Another favourite feature of hotel rooms for me is the coffee/sitting nook.  We decided to replicate that here by bringing in our Poang chairs into the bedroom, facing the TV.  Now we can comfortably recline in them to watch TV if we wish, but you might also notice the cute little black bar fridge next to them.  Currently we’ve been using that to keep drinks nearby, but our plan is to pop a sweet coffee machine on top of it, and keep milk/cream, waters, and some snacks in there.  It’ll be just like the mini-fridge in hotel rooms, but without paying $5 for a bottle of water 🙂 Another little luxury is that on a lazy weekend morning, we’ll be able to make a delicious cup of coffee to enjoy in bed without even leaving the room… so cozy!

There will be more later on where the drumset ended up, and what’s happened to the living area, but for now this is what the bedroom looks like.  What do you guys think?  And how do you feel about TV’s in the bedroom?